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BOI HRMS login

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Bank of India, or BOI, India’s largest functional bank that is managed and maintained by the Ministry of Finance, was founded in 1906 as a commercial bank. This bank has a large customer base, which is a testament to its strength. The BOI has many customers across India. To keep such a high-quality bank running, it takes a lot of manpower. BOI HRMS, a human resource management system for staff members, is used to enable employees to perform self-service tasks in full transparency.

Although HRMS isn’t new to India, it’s still a relatively new technology for those who aren’t tech-savvy. This is why thousands of BOI employees don’t know how to use the BOI HRMS properly. Don’t worry, we will be sharing detailed information about BOI HRMS. We will also discuss how to log in to the Bank of India HRMS portal, access employee details and perform other self service tasks.

What is BOI HRMS and how do you define it?

The Bank of India Human Resource Management System was developed using the Oracle Peoplesoft enterprise suite to manage its personnel and provide all necessary services online. All employees now have the ability to log in and access all services online.

This portal allows current Bank of India employees and pensioners to access important services, such as downloading salary slips or other details.


  • Capture the financial transactions data from the past to easily prepare your pension slips or other financial documents.
  • The pensioner’s office has easy access to all the financial information and important MIS reports.
  • The pension plan demonstration can be obtained by employees. This will allow them to make an informed decision regarding the acceptance.
  • With the help of financial data, such as loans, employees can now make intelligent decisions about their future investments.

BOI HRMS Features

The BOI staff HRMS portal provides a comprehensive personnel management system that makes life easier for staff. These are the features of BOI HRMS:

  • HRMS BOI login makes it easy for employees to request leaves and have them approved. It eliminates the need for mail.
  • To check the remaining leaves, an employee must log in to BOI HRMS portal.
  • This allows employees to view the bank’s holiday list and plan their vacations accordingly.
  • Employees can use the reimbursement feature to reimburse travel and food expenses.
  • It allows employees to view all account balance information.
  • From the year of joining, you can view and check your salary information.

How to Register BOI HRMS?

BOI HRMS/BOI SAFE are only available to employees of Bank of India. This is how they register to gain access to BOI HRMS.

  • Enter the details below to create a mail.
  • Open your mail and note the following details to register.
  • Please enter your name and DOB.
  • Please enter your first, middle, and last names along with the date of your birth.
  • Include details about your date of joining or retiring from BOI, along with your PF number.
  • Date of joining Bank of India, Date of Retirement, and also PF number or Designation together with EMAIL ID
  • Include any previous employment details and dates.
  • Dates and details of previous employment
  • Send this mail to feedback.boialumni@bankofindia.co.in
  • Send the details to feedback.boialumni@bankofindia.co.in and wait for the reply to be sent along with the login credentials.

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These steps are for BOI employees and staff members. Log in to access the bank of India employee portal.

  • Go to the official website of BOI SAFE portal using bankofindia.co.in/staff/home.html
  • Choose from the following options to choose your authenticate.
  • Enter the MMS ID along with the password.
  • Click the submit button to send an OTP.

Once you have been verified, you can access the Bank of India employee page. This will only be available to you. This page will allow you to access all of your information as well as employee services.

What if you forget your BOI HRMS password?

You may have forgotten your BOI HRMS password in the past. Let’s see how the “Forgot Password” option can be helpful in this situation.

  • Visit the official website of BOI HRMS. The official link to the web page is provided above.
  • On the homepage you will only see a few options: a login form and forgot password option. You already know which option you should choose to reset your password and gain access to your account.
  • Once you click the forgot password option, a new page will load where you’ll find a few options. You will need to enter your Employee ID in the first box. The second option is for security questions.
  • Simply enter your employee ID, choose the question from the drop-down menu and then write the answer. Hit the submit button.
  • You will now receive an email with a link to reset your password from BOI HRMS.

How to download the BOI Pay Slip?

You can easily download your monthly payslip via the HRMS portal. Follow the steps to download your payslip.

Step 1:

Go to the official portal. Log in using your login credentials.

Step 2:

Next, click on the Main menu link to navigate to self-service>View your payslip. The screen will open in a new window.

Step 3:

Click the Search link to filter your payslip search by month and year. The BOI HRMS portal will display the month-wise pay slip entries which you can then download. Click the month you wish to download your payslip.

Step 4:

Once you have selected the month, you can easily create a payslip simply by clicking the YES radio button.

Step 5:

Click the Run Report button to generate the payslips. The Status column will show you the status of the queued payments. The status will be updated in approximately 10 seconds. To check the status, you can refresh the page.

Step 6:

You will soon see a success message in the Status column. A new link to ‘Save your pay slip’ will also appear.

Click the Save Pay Slip link to download the Pay Slip pdf file.


We are confident that you will be well-informed about the BOI HRMS portal, which is the single-stop solution to all employee-related questions. You can save your time and complete the tasks in just a few clicks. We hope you find this guide helpful enough to save yourself a trip to your bank’s accountant.

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