25 June 2024

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Paylocity Employee Login

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Paylocity is a comprehensive online software used for payroll and HCM, i.e., Human Capital management. It helps to enable employees authorized by the respective companies to access the online account of Paylocity effortlessly.

With the help of this account, employees can fully utilize multiple tools, features, and resources provided by Paylocity.

This amazing platform is based on cloud technology and provides a comprehensive solution covering benefits like workforce management service, HR, payroll, talent, etc. It also simplifies eligible employees’ access to their personal information and communication tools. In addition to this, it also enables peer recognition, boosts daily activity efficiently, and fosters employee engagement.

What are Paylocity employee login requirements?

To access the Paylocity employee login portal, you need to make sure that you have the following handy.

  1. Make sure you have a fast and secure internet connection.
  2. Ensure you have a device capable of accessing the portal of This device can be a tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC, etc.
  3. It would be best to have valid login credentials, a company ID, a registered username, and a password.
  4. Above all, you should have a valid web address for the Paylocity portal.

Once all these requirements are fulfilled, you can easily proceed with the Paylocity login process.

How can you register for a Paylocity employee account?

If you are a new employee of Paylocity, then it is mandatory to enroll in the login account of Paylocity. To complete the registration process, you should create your login credentials and follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit the official website at https://www.access.paylocity.com/
  2. Now you will be redirected to the official login page of
  3. Under the login section, you have to click on the register new user button.
  4. If you have a registration password, then choose option one and fill in the necessary details.
  5. However, if you do not have a registration password, then select option 2, i.e., ‘I don’t have registration passcode’, and hit the continue button.
  6. Now enter your SSN, company ID, and retype your SSN along with your date of birth.
  7. Now after completing the robot check and providing all the mandatory details in the form, click on the continue button.
  8. After this, you need to follow onscreen instructions to complete your registration process for the login process of

How can you access your Paylocity employee login?

To access the Paylocity online account, every new employee has to enroll in the login portal of Paylocity. If you already have an account, then you need to follow the below instructions to initiate the login process.

  1. First, visit the official website at access.paylocity.com
  2. Now you will be redirected to the login page of
  3. You must enter the username and password along with the company’s ID.
  4. Now hit the login button after filling correct login credentials.
  5. If the details you provided are correct, you will be successful.

However, if you are facing any issues, you can go for the troubleshooting option or reset the password if you have forgotten it.

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