mark Zuckerberg
Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg buy domain name from a college student of Kochi, Amal Agustin the student of electronic engineering college registered a domain name-“” it is the name of Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter-Maxim Chan Zuckerberg. By this name Amal Agustin get the opportunity to deal with the facebook.

By domain name system anyone can register domain in internet. After that he/she can earn by sold the domain. by this way Amal register this domain .But he cannot imagine it that he will get the chance to deal with facebook.”GoDaddy” send a mail to Amal to know that if he wants to sell “” domain and how much money he wants.

He cannot understand that he is dealing with facebook and sold it only 700 dolar.After deal final when he get a mail than see the letter head of facebook Amal can understand what he has done and as a gentle person he does not burgading again.

Picture Source : Mark Zuckerberg


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