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For a lot of people when traveling or going to some place,they have charged the phone fully. But the most trouble is to ensure that in addition to a variety of mobile devices has sufficient power outside, it is because too many shoot photos and videos, so your phone to a serious shortage of storage capacity. If you have  wireless storage, you can phone photos and videos sent through wirelessly to another storage device, but also at the same time wireless Power Bank when the flow with the charger at a single click, it is very convenient to travel with Wireless Power Bank.

Wireless Charger charges smartphones and tablets faster, with a 2A output charging maximum, and charges phones up to 2x from a single, fully charged MLWG31. Wireless Power Bank features a 5,400 mAh battery and lets you wirelessly access the contents of a USB drive or SD card2. MobileLite Wireless Pro adds 64GB3 of built-in storage, expandable via USB drives and SD cards, and up to 2.5x charge via its 6,700 mAh battery. Both drives have premium Japanese battery cells that make the battery more reliable and longer lasting than their competitors’.  ALSO READ: Samsung Galaxy On7 2016 with Fingerprint Sensor with 3GB Ram Launched : Price, Specifications, Features

Access Wireless Power Bank as USB Flash drives and SD cards wirelessly from smartphones and tablets to free up space, make backup copies of important photos, videos, contact and calendar entries and transfer files to a new phone or tablet without using a PC by Wireless Power Bank. Save by not paying monthly fees for cloud-based backup services. MLWG3 and MLW Pro have an SD card slot and a USB port and come with a microSD to SD card adapter. MLWG3 and MLW Pro work with Android, Amazon and iOS.  ALSO READ:

wireless power bank

With the previous generation of Wireless charger products also provides USB and SD card slot, USB or SD card can obtain the data via wireless transmission. People do not need you to wire your computer, you can just use Wireless Power Bank and Storage, backup or share photos and videos and other information. Also, do not delete the data, and without backup to the cloud, you can easily vacated the original storage space on mobile devices, and built-in dual-band Wi-Fi (supporting 802.11ac) but also boost the transmission speed by that Wireless Power Bank.  ALSO READ: Apple iPhone 7 could be the fastest iPhone, without Headphone Jack

  • Battery backup by Wireless Power Bank
  • Easily backup your mobile devices by Wireless Power Bank
  • Access USB Flash drives and SD cards wirelessly from your smartphone By Wireless Power Bank
  • Wireless Power Bank Pro adds 64GB3 of built-in storage, expandable via USB drives and SD cards

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So, give a step to Wireless Power Bank, wireless storage device to perform the busy lifestyle in a flexible and reliable way.

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