whatsapp status upadate

Process to Change your WhatsApp Status :

Here’s a couple of steps to update your status. Let’s see.
1. Open WhatsApp
2. Select on Status
3. Tap on MyStatus option. If you already have a status then click on Green round block within small circle with a + sign on the top left and bottom right.
4. Capture a photo by clicking the camera button or hold the switch for a video. Or select one from gallery at the top of the camera button.
5. Add Caption if you want to give any caption to that image.
6. Then Click on Send Icon at the bottom right.
7. If you want to check how many people have seen the update, Select on the eye icon to see the names of the viewers.How to set WhatsApp Status

The New WhatsApp Update Status only stays for 24 hours. Read Also : Facebook Messenger :Launching Their Video Chat Better, With up-to 50 Persons

Made a mistake? Not to worry. Steps below to delete your status :
Steps How can You edit privacy settings of WhatsApp Status :

1. Open WhatsApp obviously.
2. Tap once again on Status.
3. Click on the Three dots menu icon on the top right corner and Select Status privacy or open Settings > Account > Privacy > Status.
4. There are Three options. i) My Contacts ; ii) My Contacts except which you block ; and iii) Only share with your hand picked contacts.

Rumour on WhatsApp Update 2017 :

A rumour is on the air that two tech giants can be blamed for this update. Facebook, the ‘baap’ of all social media platforms, has made efforts to capture SnapChat in the past. Though Facebook successfully captures WhatsApp and Instagram, SnapChat Co-Founders refuse Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts. Since then Mark Zuckerberg is trying to put SnapChat out of business by injecting that kind of similar features on his social daughters. WhatsApp New Status Update and Instagram Stories are enough to prove that. SnapChat gives the idea of new status update daily in 2011. This App is still very popular becomes a serious challenger to Facebook-owned social platforms apps.

The New Status is very different compared to the old one. The reasons users choose WhatsApp because of its simplicity. It introduces whatsapp update gif. This new feature gives a vibrant cool tag on WhatsApp Update 2017. You can install whatsapp update download free from Google Android PlayStore. Read Also : BHIM App And Its Importance For Cashless Transactions


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