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What is VoLte???

The whole country is now talking about Reliance Jio sim. In connection with this topic comes the topic of VoLTE. To many youngsters the topic VoLTE is still unknown or they know few about it. So, this post comes for specially those who are willing to know more about it and want to have the facility of the Sim that is offered. Hopefully it will be helpful information for all.

As it is a great topic today first of all you will have to know the full form of VoLTE. VoLTE means Voice over LTE. It is based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem network. It has the specific profiles for control and media planes of voice services on LTE defines models.

It started its journeys in May 2014. It was first introduced by Singtel. From that time being it has improved itself much to satisfy the customers and become a great topic today.

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The word VoLTE stands for the voice over Long Term Evoution. By using IMS technology it is a digital package voice service which s delivered via an LTE accesss network over an IP. In this network voice calls are recognized as the industry-agreed progression og voice services. If it is available in your area and through your carriers, taking advantage of the upgrade currently depends on your having the right hardware.


VoLTE is Valuable To :
Network vendors

Benefits Of VoLTE

It will provide more efficient use of spectrum than normal voice calls

you will have no need to stuck in one network.
you can use IMS
New revenue potentials for you
rapid call establishment time
gives clear calling experience
handset battery increased upto 40%

superior calling experience in any network, specially improved HD calls.
improved coverage and connectivity option

no extra voice charges

Limitations of VoLTE
If we talk about its limitation there are few. It depends on the network set up first. The experience may be bad if the network you are using is weak. It mainly requires 4G coverage. If someone moves out of it, the connection will be harmed. Moreover the price is a great issue. It may appear that calling may be expensive. Another problem of it will be its limited availability n handsets that are limited.

The Bottom Line
VoLTE is future voice communication in wireless networks. But it can be problem to some customers with frustrated customers.

In theory most existing models should work with VoLTE, but some may encounter problems and as they all require a tailored software update it’s dependent on each network to roll one out, so if you don’t have a new and popular phone then you may be left waiting indefinitely.

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Options available
SV-LTE – Simultaneous Voice LTE
CSFB, Circuit Switched Fall Back
VoLGA, Voice over LTE via GAN
One Voice / later called Voice over LTE, VoLTE


In LTE you would get good quality of everything. But here you will get clearance of voice calls, HD pictures unlike LTE. It will make your 4G experience much better.

This system has been developed nationally, but all of their towers have been supported yet. They have not been equipped so for VoLTE. AT&T has only rolled out it in some limited place. But there is still no news when the service will be expanded.

Hopefully, those above information will be helpful to you. It is still the early days of VoLTE. This trend has started just now. But hopefully, more changes are about to come in VoLTE and next year we will see a lot of progress. It will surely prove itself in the competition.

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