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A clever “hacker” has managed to run a build of CyanogenMod 13 on the aging Lumia 525, and it looks surprisingly smooth judging by the proof-of-concept video.The CyanogenMod ROM currently works only on the Lumia 525, but the developer is planning to port it to the Lumia 520 as well. Don’t get your hopes up for a fully working Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the Lumia 950, as the exploit needed to run the custom ROM is currently applicable only on Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 devices.According to the developer, “it’s possible to run it on other devices, but clarifies that that would indeed require a lot of work to make it happen.”

The developer Triszka demonstration video on youTube shows that Keyixiandao CyanogenMod 13 system starts successfully. But he gave additional information that Wi-Fi, Modemnd sound effects are not yet capable of using Quacomn Snapdragon S4 processor in the model. The only normal portion of the model will be 1GB RAM.

Since the ROM is produced specially for Snapdragon S4, Triszka has indicated that there will be a lot of efforts to do to make Lumia use Andoid phone. It is quite clear that this Nokia Lumia 525 can not use Microsoft Windows 10 system upgrade it is a great hope for the users that it can be an Android version very soon.

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