Samsung j7 2017

Samsung the next generation of smartphone is going to reveal its new device of J series which is Samsung J7 2017.Though, Samsung J7 2017 release date in India has yet not been disclosed by the company.After the news came from the sources or as leaked Samsung J7 2017 is going to the benchmark.

Though there are many inaccuracies but it is expected that this device more budget friendly and make all the expectations fulfill. It is said that this device is available in the U.S via AT&T, U.S Cellular. After the release, Samsung J7 2017 will be available globally. According to the listed in GFX Bench, this J7 2017 is powered with Exyos 7870 Processor with core features of eight.

Samsung J7 2017 Leaked Specifications :

Previous rumors have revealed that J7 2017 is coming with 5.5 inch full HD Display with resolution of 1080p. The camera features of this mobile is said to be designed with 13MP rear camera with 2.0 lens technology and the front camera will be 5.0 MP. The processor of the phone will be powered with 625 snapdragon Qulacom Processor and coupled with 3GB of RAM. The inter memory of this phone will be 16 GB onward and external memory can be expanded upto 256 GB.Battery features of Samsung J7 2017 will be 3000 mAh. This phone is expected to run In Android Nougat 7.0. Read Also : Moto G5 Specification, Price, Release Date In India

Samsung J7 2017 GFX Bench Specification:

Samsung J7 2017 is listed in GFX Bench and they have equipped with completely different specs from the Leaked. First of all the screen size remains same  like 5.5 inch display. The resolution feature 1080p decreased to 720p and dose not be in Full HD. The chip set of the is powered with 7870 Exynos chip set.The initial benchmark of the J7 2017 indicate the phone feature of this phone is quiet different from others. It’s rear camera is supported with 8.0 Megapixel and front camera will be 5.0 megapixel. Read Also : Reliance Jio 4G Phone Rs 1500 is Expected to Come in Market Very Soon

This phone has LED light and also with super camera stability. After the all, rumors of the phone is quiet similar as before. The OS of the phone is Android Nougat 7.0 in the box of the bench mark.the battery capacity of the J7 2017 is reduced to 2800 mAh in the listing below. The network standing of the also looks similar in the report as 4GLTE/3G/2G. The GFX list shows that the device has connectivity features like Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi. As per the listing, J7 2017  has accelerometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor as well.

As per opinion, The GFX Bench must be think for the the release of Samsung J7 2017 because previous versions of the phone is powered with superior camera features with super processor and dynamic design along with large life battery capacity with many features of date saving and fast charging but the GFX Bench specification of the phone is not so good to the up of the market. The features of the phone J7 2017 is not expected as a lower feature because this phone made a huge market in all over world. Customers of all will expect more features from the other versions of the phone. But the GFX made list specifications of J7 2017 is not so supported by all they must think for the specification of J7 2017 and need to attract them to all.Samsung J7 2017 Price in India has not revealed.  Stay tuned for updates of Samsung J7 2017. Read Also : Top 10 Android 4G Phones Under Rs 5000


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