Samsung has now started working on C-series smartphone roster as the new Rumor says. The company has also informed that the line will comprise of Galaxy C5 and C7. We all know that both of them were exclusive in China.As we have been informed, Samsung Galaxy C9 is going to take part in the C-family as a new member and the third model. But not much information have been out yet. Only it has been told that the model number of it is expected to be SM-C9000 with the Code name Amy.

As per as the specifications and other details are concerned, the company has informed that the Samsung Galaxy  C9 will be bigger than C7 that had 5.7 inch 1080p touchscreen. So,we can only guess that Samsung Galaxy C9 will be up to 6 inch. we can expect that the mobile will also have a mid-range chipset with 4 GB of RAM and a 16 MP primary camera with it. It will also include 4G or LTE support as we got in Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Neo and it will have 32 GB expandable storage. We can assume also that there may be some common features with the other C-series mobiles that are out in the market already. Both the previous models had uni-body and rounded metal construction. So, we can expect that this Samsung Galaxy C9 will not be totally different. We may speculate here Snapdragon 650 series chipset and a battery closer to 4,000 mAh. Read Also : Upcoming HTC Nexus Phone MARLIN : Specification and Features

The Samsung Galaxy C9 has already been imported to India and was spotted on an Indian import website named Zauba. The company is expecting that Samsung Galaxy C9 will sport better and will attract more customers than C5 and C7. But there will be few similarities between them. Like C5 and C7, C9 will also have a metal design. Though much about the model has not been known and out yet Zauba list has leaked out the price that may be Rs. 17,107 approximately.It is worth mentioning that though the approximate value has been set, we can not assure the customers that it will be the final price of Samsung Galaxy C9. Read Also : Microsoft Surface Pro 4 : Specification and Features

Luckily, the Indian import tracker Zauba has just listed the Samsung Galaxy C9, as the smartphone is en-route to India for testing purposes.If we consider that both the previous models of C series, Galaxy C5 and C7 were exclusively available in China, it can be expected that the next model of C-series  will be released in mainland only.

We can not inform you when the model will be available and when the company will launch it. Stay connected and you will be updated when the model will be available and there will be more news in the official websites. So, till then stay tuned. Read Also : Upcoming HTC Nexus Phone MARLIN : Specification and Features


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