jio with google

Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai had said for the visitors that there is a need of low costed phones in Indian markets in between 2000 Rs. It’s also quite getable in that kind of range in the market. 4G VoLTE Android  phone in current situation costs more that that so why both Reliance  and Google is working on developing the phone. Also they cleared that the phone will be launched in the market before the end of this year. The branding with Google also will help the smartphones selling in the market.Also with the android platforms the Jio apps will  also be promoted for different working theory in 4G VoLTE Android Phone. See Also : Prepaid, Postpaid Plans Reavealed For Reliance Jio Prime & Non-Prime Usersreliance-jio-prime

Google is also helping the Reliance company to develop softwares for Jio Smart TV services too. Phones with supporting systems are capable of holding a huge potential for Internet speed, cost etc. In previous history they provided their partnership with Micromax, Spice, Karbonn mobile with limit of success. Rather than that they also helped Lava to introduced with Pixel V1.Their failure still with them so they led many to believe that Google is out of the market and given up too. But they just proved their capability to regeneration and they made they decided to partnership with Reliance to build 4G VoLTE Android Phone. Read More : Apple’s Latest Model Apple iPhone 8 Is Yet To Be Released

The report also said that the Jio apps will be well integrated and the VoLTE services in this smartphone will be also quite upgraded too.This could be the best boost for Google’s android plans which are currently on hold. See Also : Redmi Launched Xiaomi Mi In Ear Headphones Pro HD in India


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