Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event

Pokemon Go has started updating their game and their data base. Now Niantic also coming to extend their game level in the new segment. Pokemon Go’s most adorable and most first event has already started and it is live. The new event is more attractive for the players of Pokemon Go because Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event is the most lovable key feature for the gamers. A special Valentines Day event ha started from 11 a.m PST on 8th February to 11 a.m PST on 15th February. The Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event features extra candies to help Pokemon. There are the all the details of Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event. Read Also : Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is expecting to release on 26th Feb : Specifications, Price

Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event will bring a chance to see and catch the pink Pokemons in the colored. The Pink Pokemons are like Chansey and Clefable. Specially love and pink Pokemons are focused on this event. Not only these two there are Cleffa, Igglybuff , Smoochum and many more to come. Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event will also give double candy at the time of hatch, and/or transfer Pokemon, catch and if the player have a Buddy. It will help to collect candies as fast as possible. Lastly, Lure Modules time has been expanded to six hours instead of 30 minutes.

The players who are playing Pokemon Go are eagerly waiting for this event. Niantic has not even tried to update or make any improvements of game data or to add new content or features. The company officials has declared in the mid of the December that a few Pokemon were being added to game and many other Pokemons will be added in few months but company failed to add all these. Read Also : Facebook Messenger :Launching Their Video Chat Better, With up-to 50 Persons

There is a List of Confirmed Pokemons in Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event:

Chansey, Clefable, Porygon Cleffa (hatch only), Igglybuff (hatch only),Smoochum (hatch only), Clefairy, Exeggcute, Jigglypuff, Slowpoke, Lickitung. Read Also :BSNL Offers 1GB Data at Just Rs 36 : Scroll Down for Info

There are more Probable Pokemons which may come in Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event:

Wigglytuff, Slowbro , Mr. Mime, Mew, Ditto , Nidoran family, Ditto, Aerodactyl, Mewtwo.

The Synopsis of the Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event:

  • “P layers will receive double the amount of Candy when catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon.”
  • “Buddy Pokemon will find Candy twice as fast for their Trainers.”
  • Lure Modules, which attract Pokemon, will now last for six hours instead of 30 minutes. Love is in the air, it seems.
  • You’ll have a higher chance of catching pink Pokemon, including Chansey, Porygon, and Clefairy.
  • Similarly, pink baby Pokemon like Cleffa, Lgglybuff, and Smoochum -three of the newest additions to the game – will have a higher chance of hatching from eggs. 

Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event has already started and this first coming event will surely make all the gamers’ more attraction  and user friendly. This game surely will be more crazy and more people will join on this event. Previously we also mentioned about the Pokemon Go Gameplay and Safety Tips. We hope this article surely help players to play the game and make aware of the Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event.


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