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Oppo R11 is coming with curved OLED panel and ayfon podobny design. In some places like antenna, top and bottom rear panel there are plastic weld. Though there is some rumor about this flagship its preview is awesome. The procedure has been maintained quite brilliantly. Its a decent year for the smartphone companies to make some big deals in their technology. With snapdragon 835 its spectacular to have such a phone in our hand. We are expecting to see different improvements in its features.

in previous history Oppo generated some good camera functions, it will create some to overcome its other problems. With the other installed features of Oppo R11 it’s hard to tell how it’s gonna work in market but not surprisingly it’s obvious that it will be their reinvention in smartphones. Read More :Xiaomi Redmi 4A’s Launch In India Is Set For March 20 This Year : Price, Specification, Release Date

Display & Design:

Display size is going to be around 5.5 to 6.0 inch. Although its quite a bit terrible to handle such a big phone Oppo R11 is much more easy to access from the others. Its coming with OLED display alongside with Multiscreen function. Touch sensors are improved from R9. The colors are not vibrant

The current President of OPPO India launching and OPPO Global Vice President, Sky Li. He said that their Oppo R11 is going to take selfie technology up to another level as well as it is setting new trends for itself. We are confident it will be a great success and also will set a standard that others are going to follow. According to the source there is no such point in that leaked sheet about the design. So we can’t tell anything properly about Oppo R11 But it’s true that it is coming with curved OLED panel and ayfon podobny design it’s much more attractive.

Hardware & software :

The phone is coming with some amazing features like qualcomm snapdragon 835 and the model was GPU Adreno 512 memory support. With eight CPU cores its clocked at 2.20GHz and the four time nuclear core 1.9 GHz. In its configuration we are gonna see UFS 2.1 LPDDR 4X. for these kinds off configuration i storage there is self developed.

it is suggested to all other visitors that we  will have to wait and watch for the further details which are going to roll out by the Oppo company officially. After all these these Oppo R11 carries alongside with Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS, and all other sensors in it. Along with faster device performance Oppo R11 Plus mods responds with gestures. Read Also : BlackBerry Launched Their New Edition BlackBerry Aurora : Specification, Price


there was a news for Oppo in the market. if the news is true, then OPPO R11 will be the first equipped with four cameras. It is first R9s in OPPO there Will be a similar argument before publishing. As to whether OPPO released long-super flash charge will appear on the machine, then there is no definite news. It is going to take selfie technology up to another level as well as it is setting new trends for itself.

Oppo R11 Release :

Oppo R11 Release in India will be around June 2017.  They are focused to release those editions In all over the world. They are yet to release their new edition’s release dates. If its flashed we are gonna give you the information as soon as possible. Don’t Miss : Reliance Jio WiFi Hotspot : Specification, Price, Quick Review, Data Plans

Oppo R11 Price :

Oppo R11 price in India is worth guessing. We cant tell the exact price for it. In in we can just wait for it to come.

Their are some great competitors competing in the market. We are on the go with some very easy accessable phones. Alongside with their details so There are so many phones It’s not an easy task to pick the best. We are providing you the best. Oppo R11 is one of them.  Don’t MissSamsung Galaxy C5 Pro Released : Specification, Price, Release Date



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