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OnePlus is not a brand which likes to stick to an annual release date schedule like the  other phone makers or the brands arround the world, OnePlus One launched in April 2014,after it the second one  the OnePlus 2 released in July 2015 and  OnePlus 3 recently in June 2016. To be fair, the longest gap in releasing both the mobile is between OnePlus One and OnePlus 2, in between which time the  company was just trying  to keep going with other brands  and  such gigantic popularity. After OnePlus 2 it has viraled in to markets with the other brands like OnePlus X then  OnePlus 3 and at last but not the least OnePlus 3T. They are releasing their products with the other branded editions like Samsung Galaxy C5 ProSamsung Galaxy C9 Pro, Nokia 5,

OnePlus 4 Specification :
OnePlus 4 Release Date :

there is no specific releasing date of it.Other rivals like Samsung, Apple they are gonna clear after March or April. As report says they are gonna release OnePlus 4 in between May/June this year in 2017 with a great substance with it approximately.After an encouraging start with the other editions like OnePlus One OnePlus 2 OnePlus 3 and OnePLus 3T it could make a huge statement after releasing of OnePlus 4. Read Also : HTC 10 Evo launched in India : Release Date, Specifications, Price


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