Are you celebrate your friend’s birthday party or enjoy any marriage ceremony? Are you miss anyone or upset? Now you can share everything live on facebook like live telecast on television.
Wednesday facebook launch their new fiture “FACEBOOK LIVE FOR EVERYONE”.
by this future you can contact with your friend with live video any time. Only you need a smart phone in your pocket. Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, a regular streamer on the service he founded, planned a live feed Wednesday to talk about the new updates.The ultimate goal with live video is engagement, and likely the advertising dollars that follow. Video in news feeds has proved popular, and live video is a natural evolution. A Facebook spokesperson said the company is currently focused on the experience of creating and watching videos, and that it will help partners monetize as soon as possible.

               By this Facebook Live For Everyone, live video will be added to groups and events, allowing users to share footage to people they’re connected to but not necessarily only friends. Most importantly, Facebook is introducing a video portal for Live so that it’s easier for users to find interesting content. 
But you can get this future only for verified account.

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