Moto Z-2017 Image

Some of it’s changes from its previous versions of Moto series versions is a oval shaped fingerprint sensor with it. It’s a fact that entirely in both models hardware systems remains the same.Both the models supports current and future Moto mods. We can expect flagship to support a 5.5 inch display similar to the previous version of Motorola.This is also coming with a gamepad mod in it. Read More : BlackBerry Launched Their New Edition BlackBerry Aurora : Specification, Price

Moto Z Specification :

Moto Z is comith with This is device powered by Snapdragon processor (qualcomm) and 820 Soc which is paired with RAM of 4GB and also got 32GB internal memory with its storage capacity. Its coming with a touch screen of 5.5 inch height 4K video supported and in the camera we just got a rear camera of 13 mp unit and a selfie or groupfie shooter  of 5 mp with flash in it. Measuring the smartphone we got 5.2 mm and in Moto Z . The features in it also quite impressive with Snapdragon 835 platform a powerful 2600 mAh battery it has a huge battery backup,with massive resistance it is a good audio system too. Read More : Redmi Launched Xiaomi Mi In Ear Headphones Pro HD in India  Moto z 2017

With durable ultra thin designs and powerful features durable designs and integrated magnets with a 2600 mAh battery you can watch movies, download any apps, browse web, and do anything you want to do including TurboPower charger which gives your Moto Z smartphone up to 8 hours of battery life around just charging of 15 minutes.Along with faster device performance Moto mods responds with gestures. Read More : Nokia 5 Is Next To Hit The Stores : The Snake Is Coming With Nougat

Moto Z Release Date :
Moto Z Price :

Moto Z’s price in india is hard to tell but we can expect its price up to 24,990 approximately because its just like the same as the previous version of it. we can hardly wait for it not more than that. Read Also : OnePlus 4 Latest News : Specification, Price, Release Date and More


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