Billionaire Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio has told telecom regulator TRAI that it’s Jio Happy New Year Offer, which provides free voice and data services to customers. Ambani will launch some Jio Happy New Year Offer for their Jio sim users. The Jio users who get their jio SIM after December 4 they are already a member of Jio Happy New Year Offer and will get their all facilities still the announcement date of 2017, March 31. So what will happen for the Welcome Offer users? don’t worry,

For all the details of Jio Happy New Year offer : 

1.All the Jio Happy New Year Offer users those are from before 4 December no need to worry for them all those Welcome offer users will be sifted to Jio Happy New Year Offer users. You don’t need to do anything, their services will not be interrupted.

2.All Jio users will get free voice calls and free 4G data till March 31.

3.Welcome Offer will enjoy 4GB of free data every day till today, but that changes tomorrow. Under the Jio Happy New Year offer users will get 1GB of 4G data per day, which according to the company rule. Most people don’t use that amount of data every day. Once you cross 1GB data, your speed will fall to 128kbps.

4.If You have to have more data, users have to pay for it. Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer is offering booster packs for them which will reinstate their speed to 4G. Also add some more data on their account.

5.The STV 51 will give the users 1GB 4G data for 1 day and the STV 301 will give 6GB of 4G data for 28 days.

6. All Jio apps remain still till December 31,2017. So they can use all the apps. This means they can still enjoy  Tv shows, video calls, listen music, watch movies and lots more without paying anything, The other rivals of Jio will launch something new to complete with Jio Happy New Year Offer. Jio, which plans to subscribe 100 million users by March 31, has struggled to maintain its data speed across the country. Read Also : Reliance Jio Service Is In 3G Smartphone Not Only 4G Device

All those offers will help a lot the middle class family and all the users. will help them to for use the high speed internet. We can expect all Jio rivals to plan something new to complete with Jio. Jio Happy New Year Offer will improve lots for for users.  Users don’t leave it for lower data speeds compared to its rivals like Airtel, idea and Vodafone. Read Also : 4G VoLTE Phones List With Reliance Jio Offer

Jio has announced Jio Happy New Offer recently on their Facebook new year offer

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Jio Happy New Year Offer verifying process : 

  1. Click here >>
  2. Will open Jio’s own website
  3. There has a sign up option. Click the button
  4. Enter your Jio number
  5. After that you will get a OTP
  6. Have to enter that OTP.
  7. Then you will receive the Jio Happy New Offer confirmation message on your happy new year offer

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