Facebook FAKE Profile 1

ERR  /Lots of guys uses there fakes profile. Have to stay alert from them. Some times, we can see the fake profile holders uses girls photo as on their fake profile picture. In many times they use girl’s bold pictures as there profile picture. How you know that this profile is FAKE? Look down to look on the tips…

  1. At first you have to check his/her profile pictures.if you sees just one or two profile picture then it has lots of more possibility to be a Facebook Fake Profile.
  2. If you want to be sure that His/Her profile is genuine or not then at first download his/her profile picture and cheek it up on images.google.com
  3. You have to check his/her activity log status updates are regular or not. Is He/She does any likes or comments on any other’s updates or not.
  4. We have to follow His/Her friend list or to say Mutual Friends. Is He/She added your any other known friend or just has added some other unknown guys.
  5. If you sees all friends are men or all are women/girls then this is one of the symptom to know that there is a Facebook Fake Profile in the series.
  6. See the about information portion of that unknown account. Has there any information about His/Her college,school,work ? If there has any information that you thinks that’s something is wrong or not matching with that account then that’s a possibility to be a fake account.
  7. Date of birth of that unknown account holder is 1st January, 25th December, 31st December? Like easily can remember that dates, then there also have some possibility to be a fake profile.
  8. You have to see His/Her Facebook wall.If there have some comments like “Thanks for send me the friend request,may i know you ?” and there hasn’t any reply then there also have some possibilities.
  9. Is the profile picture is any girl? and in gender column its female also her contact number then there have some possibilities to be the fake profile.

Facebook Fake Profile identification has now very easy by following these few steps. This article will help to find out. Facebook Fake Profile has increased largely. This should be known to all and block the Facebook Fake Profile immediately after knowing the symptoms. Read Also : Pokemon Go Gameplay and Safety Tips


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