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HTC U Ultra is now in second display sapphire glass.

HTC has launched two new HTC handset as HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play. This all new handsets are the symbols of HTC U series. This all new HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). With all the new AI powered sense companion  is now complete with each other specification for the HTC lovers.

On the sideline of CES 2017, in Gadget 360 HTC gave a review of new HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play. We  managed to get some specifications of this two handsets. Here the brief of two handsets of U series for all of you. Read Also : Micromax Vdeo 3 launched in India: Price, Specification and Features

With a beautiful glass exterior, high-end specs and a couple of features aimed at grabbing interest, the U Ultra is getting out ahead of the other flagships expected to launch in a couple of months. The U Play, for its efforts, is targeting other more price-sensitive markets with a size and spec cut inside the same excellent chassis. Will the pair offer enough to make people start considering HTC again? We take a look at what they have to offer.

HTC U Ultra & HTC U Play Hardware Section :

The back of the HTC U Utra and HTC U Play both are with complete glass back which calls “liquid surface” by HTC. the glass is imbued with various elements and colours, provides endless depths and irregular color changes. Which is visible in all four colours of – black,blue,white and pink. the back glass is glossy and all the surface are very bright as the back surface.You won’t find any headphone jack on the metal edge.From the front side you can find some similarity with HTC 10. Fingerprint sensor that doubles as a home button surrounded by capacitive back and recent keys. Read Also : Pokemon Go Gameplay and Safety Tips

The U Ultra has a little extra. on the top screen, though: a secondary horizontal 2-inch display just above the main 5.7-inch QHD panel for additional real estate. It sits off-centre to the right, making room for the front-facing camera. It will show you upcoming events,contacts,frequently used apps and lots more. When the main screen is off still you can find time,date,weather and battery status on your extra screen. Read Also : Moto G5 Plus is Coming Soon : Scroll to look Specifications, Price, Release Date

The secondary display exclusive to the U Ultra, however — the U Play is with 5.2-inch 1080p display stands alone and is one of the couple subtle external differences between the models. The U Play of course has a smaller 2500 mAh battery to match its size, but also has a less impressive 16 MP camera. Read Also : Reliance Jio 4G Phone is Coming to Blast the Market Soon Price At Rs 999

The features are not so much higher when we talk about the features of HTC U Ultra beside. In HTC U Ultra the true flagship has a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage with an SD card slot. 12MP camera with 1.55-micron sensor with f/1.8 aperture. Read Also : Xiaomi Mi Air 4G Laptop launching

The HTC U Play for all of its own glory with 1080p display (admittedly not bad at 5.2-inches), a MediaTek Helio P10 processor, 3 or 4GB of RAM and 32 or 64GB of storage.Its 16MP f/2.0 camera.

HTC U Ultra & HTC U Play Software Section :

HTC’s software story 2017 is still unchanged. Its became same still in present. HTC is set to continue its strategy of regularly updating its apps through Google Play to improve the Sense experience for all compatible devices, rather than tying things down to big software updates.With this layer of AI in the software, the U Ultra and U Play will aim to give you recommendations based on your phone usage, highlight which contacts are most important to you and make tweaks to improve the software experience. With this new app you can manage your notification as well. Read Also : Lenovo P2 with Jumbo 5100 mAh Battery Launching On Jan 11 Exclusively on Flipkart

HTC knows it can’t build a complete digital voice assistant platform (at least right now), and so it’s keeping Google’s own voice recognition, search and personalization present here as well. On the U Ultra, four high-end far-field mics aim to hear you clearly from up to six feet away, and they’re always listening for your commands.Read Also : About New Upcoming Apple iphone 8 With Specifications

HTC U Ultra release date is still not specified. But we know HTC style. With all the new specification and features it will so handy for the HTC users. Those are waiting for the new HTC handset. But have a little worry news for them HTC U Ultra price is not been declare yet. It will reveal in this year. HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play will full fill all the things what the HTC users need from HTC.


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