google nearby places app
Android has recently launched its latest service which will automatically alert and make its customers know about apps which are valuable in that particular business location. This new system or feature has been named as “Nearby”. It is a system which is location based for notifying its smartphone owners about the useful sites on where they are in that time. Android devices even android watches running KitKat 4.4 and above are told to be compatible with Nearby.

Besides of making its users helpful in finding important laces in his location it is also effective as marketing tool to help developing its users. By this system the users will be apt in locational services and having notification which in other sense help things like Store Visit Data in Google AdWords. So, we can call this app “a Virtuous Cycle”, according to Google services.

In short, you will not have to search for particular as on Google play store when you are out, it will automatically help you out by notification. Google has also offered some examples foe understanding this services better. for example if one is travelling by United Airlines this Nearby service will automatically send you a notification suggesting you to download which official app that can offer you free multimedia content.
If we want Nearby to function we will have to make sure that Bluetooth and Location services are turned on. It relies on beacons which can help you access mobile webpages via Chrome.

It is not restricted to apps it will also recommend to other websites to visit which may be helpful to you. It also works with select Google Services to make automatic connection when you are near a Google Chromecast or an Android Smartwatch. The feature may border on the edge of annoying advertising, but at least it’s easy to turn off. It may sound like making you open a lot of apps but it can be really helpful in many critical circumstances.


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