Google Pixel 4 Price, Features, Software, Hardware

Google Pixel 4 has been in the news for a few days. The first reason is the leak. The leaks actually disclose the design of Google Pixel 4. After leaking its design information by leakers Google itself decides to share some juicy information which kept the leakers stunt. After adding all this information what we get is following-

  • All phones follow a specific pattern
  • The glass in the Google Pixel 4 will have same frosted silky finish that the glass body of Pixel 3 carries.
  • It is sure that Google is not going to follow the curved glass on the back like the rest of the industry. This gives it a distinct edgier design. Generally, we know people prefer phones with curved metal or glass but wait until Google officially confirms its design.
  • We expect Google will give a dual-tone finish in the Pixel 4. Most of the part of the buzz-creating phone will carry a silky matte finish, the upper 20% or the back cover will have a shiny finish similar to Google Pixel 3.
  • The phone is having a square camera module. Currently, it is not clear how prominent the bump and edges will be.
  • Google discloses the back of its flagship product Google Pixel 4 in its official Twitter page. The image reveals square camera module, clean lines, metal frame, glass body, dual-tone power button and the monochrome G logo.
  • But till now Google has not confirmed the front part of their device. For this case, we can rely on leaks and rumours.
  • Right now the rumour says that Google is trying to get rid of the wide notch present in Google Pixel 3 XL and replacing that with a thin display line. The front cameras are lying in them. The front cameras will be two in number – it is expected.


  • Rumours also suggest that Google Pixel 4 will come with more front cameras which will facilitate face recognition. Face recognition app is used to unlock phones similar to Apple.
  • No touch, just wave it away! The additional front camera can also be used for Google Project Soli technology which allows waving their hands in front of the phone’s screen in order to navigate through software.
  • Fingerprint sensor is still a mystery, we don’t know if it exists or not.
  • It will provide excellent camera performance. Till now Google used one rear camera but now in Google Pixel 4, they are going to use two rear cameras.
  • Google Pixel 4 will come with stereo speakers.
  • Google Pixel 4 will have OLED screen, screen size will be of around 6.5 inches for Google Pixel 4 XL and 6 inches for Google Pixel 4.
  • It will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

Google Pixel 4 is creating a buzz in the smartphone world. What do you think?  Google has launched its Pixel 4? No, not at all. The launch of Google Pixel usually occurs in October or November and this 2019 is not an exception for the fact. Google has confirmed its launching of Pixel 4 and other information related to this. In India and other markets, Pixel 4 is going to launch in October.

The October launch is also confirmed by Verizon, which is known as Google partner for Pixel in the US.

And now come to the price. It will be really expensive. The starting price of Google Pixel 4 will be around 65,000 in India while Google Pixel 4 XL will be around 85,000. As usual Google Pixel 4 phones will be first available for pre-order while the actual sale is going to start possibly around November 10.


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