Google Pixel and Pixel XL were success from the google brand. They released those models last year. Google’s Hardware Chief Rick Osterloh declared that there will be Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 in the newcomers on MWC (Mobile World Congress). He also added that there is also some new technologies installed in it. the rumor is that that they are gonna reveal it to make a high statement. The customers have a theory that google is coming with the newest technology and their will be some new facilities for the users.

Codenames :

Google have a trend to name their products in names of some aquatic creatures. Like the last year they named the PIXEL and XL as ‘SAILFISH’ and ‘MARLIN’. The Google Pixel 2 and the XL 2 is already in work. So why they are so much confident about their products in or around. The Google has a potential to codename their editions. the exact thinking behind this was from fish names. Talking about the aquatic creatures they decided to pronounce them as ‘MUSKIE’ and ‘WALLEYE’.

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Also a third device called ‘TAIMEN’ spotted on the source. Muskie is larger than walleyes so we can expect that the PIXEL XL will be bigger and larger than the Pixel 2. Alongside with it the third one is huge in its shape and its weight is over 100 kg. this species is larger than both the Muskie and Walleye. We have a thinking behind it. I think we might get a competitor giant Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or can be Nexus 7 Tablet(next-gen).

Google Pixel 2 & Google XL 2 Design :

especially in terms of design. Front panel is very similar to old ones. You will get a  Curved Edge Glass on the front which gives a premium look to the phone. I think it’s coming with a better preparation for its own sites and it cost is also too much for them. With those kinds of related news we can get better data process. Alongside with it It’s a matter of fact that the Pixel 2 is just a concept of reporters with amalgamation in it. So they are so much fundamental to do something with it.Google will launch the next version of its pixel smartphones later this year. This information was given by the company’s Senior Vice President Ric Austello in MWC 2017 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Google Pixel 2 smartphones will be launched in premium segment only.

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Like the most flagship phone including the latests they are offering the same kinds of products in the beginning the rumors suggested that there will be a 16 MP camera. with Google support the flagship models are going to burn the market. the company is working hard to get to the market. Rather than that there are also some reality features in the Google PIXEL 2 and the XL 2. It is quite impressive to get such a huge software and hardware is going to be upgraded. Usually a company makes difference with their brand value and the product details are also important for them.

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Is Their Any Audio Jack?

It is in the process that they are going to ditch the 3.5 mm audio jack from the device and it is going to make the device slim. They are optimizing their products with their new featured models. They are quite brilliant with their technicians about it. Like the other companies apple have recently moved away their audio jack. Dropping it Google also want to make their models slimmer.

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Google Pixel 2 & Google XL 2 price :

Its in the news that the phone sports 128Gb and 256GB of internal storage and a 6GB ram with it. The cost for the phone is going to be around $699 and the pixel 2 is going to be $899 approximately. Actually they haven’t revealed any information about google pixel 2 yet. It’s quite impossible to say something about in this kinds of situation here .

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL were launched by the company in October last year. It is believed that this year the new smartphones will be launched at this time. These smartphones will be copied from the iPhone’s emerging smartphones.

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