This week google realesed the newest version of their “google camera” app for the masses -for Android, anyway. This new version of the app give you the ability to take photos while shooting video, first and foremost.

With the new interface ,switching between camera and video modes is a breeze -simply swipe right to switch to video mode ,or swipe left for the camera. The new UI also makes it much easier to toggle the flash ,timer mode and HDR+.

This version of the app includes an update shutter button just you have always wanted Theres a new icon for switiching between your front and rear camera lenses as well. all the new icons!

When you are filming a video or when you are in video mode rather you will see a separate menu for slow motion. this is different from what came before as the most recent version of the app had slo-mo as an icon in the standard video mode.

Taking photos during video recoding is a big deal, though they are only video frame resolution. theirs a button in the corner to snap a pic while recording video.




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