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Lots of Facebook Messenger Users Can Make Their Video Chat With More Friends

Since, the Facebook Messenger included in social network site it increasing with their lots of new features and increasing their functions. Facebook  announced that its Messenger app is now capable of performing group video calls with up to 50 participants. For the first six participants, the camera will stream the all six participants on screen as a grid-like view. When group video chat becomes more than six person then, Facebook Messenger will display the dominant speaker’s feed only.

This feature of Facebook Messenger one of the most robust option in this industry. Google Hangout and Skype also have their video chat options but their have the limitation, only 10 persons can join in group video chat. But with this Facebook Messenger group chat option its become so easier for lots of friends to do their group chat with lots easier. Read Also : 4G VoLTE Phones List With Reliance Jio Offer

Social network tried to capture their customers with their lots of new features, applications, technology and most important with their new apps. With video calling, its now become so easier in corporate sector for their video conference. In mobile space Facebook is now competitor with others. WhatsApp added their new feature of  video calling facility in last month, while Snapchat added earlier in this year. But all of them are not so much fast like this technology with such contents. Still, Facebook’s engineering capabilities on this front appear to be far ahead of other players in the video chat field. Read Also : Reliance Jio Service Is In 2G & 3G Smartphone Not Only 4G Device

Facebook says that update can use for both Android and iOS users also. Users also can use chatting, can sent smileys, stickers, animations also while they are in the group video chat.  There is also one notable iOS-only feature: live masks.  Facebook’s live masks will go one step further and augment the live video chat with whatever goofy animation you’d like to place on the screen. The company says the feature should be arriving on Android soon. With the Jio 4G Service lots of users are interested in video call. Now its became so easier in Facebook Messenger. Read Also : Bye Bye 4G, Upcoming 5G

This all new features of Facebook Messenger will help the technology lovers, friend circle and also in corporate world to connect with others co-workers. This new feature will bold out the other video  calling apps those haven’t the feature to join minimum 50 persons together in video group chat.

Source : theverge

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