•  Data rates up to 10 Gbit/s over the air.
  •  Enable Internet of Things (IoT) devices to run on battery for up to ten years.
  •  Latency in the order of 1ms.

“The current 5G development is at a very critical stage.” Cao Shumin said. It will be tested on two way process. Firstly, Technology research and development trial will occur and secondly the phase comes, the pilot phase for product development where the trials will be larger than ever. It is really very challenging phase. The first test comprises of key technology, laboratory rests and fields where in the second stage laboratory and field testing will happen. Cao Shumin representation has informed “Under the framework of the ITU and 3GPP, and we will eMBB IoT and with the same emphasis, while the more innovative technology into 5G standards in order to 5G vision into reality.” It has also been told that the group will release the new 5G network in whitepaper.4 white papers have already been released including the concept of 5G, its wireless technology, vision and needs and infrastructure and technology architecture.


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