Apple iPhone 8 Image

These experiments with materials and screen technology is going in their labs for verification with some prototypes using an LCD display or  AMOLED which is the better one. These prototypes for Apple iPhone 8 are  in testing with and without home buttons for good. Further, Apple is testing glass,  white ceramic chassis and aluminum. Read Also : About New Upcoming Apple iphone-8 With Specifications iPhone 8 Images

Apple iPhone 8 Display has got 5.8-inch height with an OLED display. Though they are saying that only 5 inch can be used in it that means the other portion will be used in their hardware thing.Apple iPhone 8 is coming with duel Sim and duel camera( front and rear).they are trying hard to made the home button invisible in it.It is so much because of its wireless charging says its a compleate glass design. Its first time that they are using an OLED display in it.which is far better and also more clear.

iPhone 8 Announcement Date :

Though Apple iPhone 8 price is not cleared to us  it could be up to 1000$ . though its not released yet it could reach to market in September this year 2017. Apple iPhone 8 price in India could be 90,000 approximately We could anticipate for Apple iPhone 8 release date in India. Don’t Miss : Apple iPhone 7 Primary Review


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