Apple iOS 10
Apple has launched its new software iOS 10 in market for iPhone with three other operating systems Mac OS, TV OS and Watch OS at the 27th Annual Worldwide Developer Conferences. Its new and a number of slew features comes into light. But it has been told that all iOS 9 supported devices are not compatible enough to support Apple’s latest and popular mobile operating system.It’s the “biggest iOS release ever for our users,” said Apple’s head of software engineering, Craig Federighi. It will be offered at free of cost to iPhone and iPad in the fall.

It has also been pointed out that Apple, instead of inventing new design,has focussed on bulking up the powers of the existing capabilities. Apple had re- modified the total user experience from head to toe in iOS 10.


iOS 10’s another discovery is Photos app,powered by advance machine learning technology for more better facial recognition and to sense object automatically. Moreover,it has a new tab called “Memories” to categorize related to life like that of birthday, family members etc. It also has the capability to trim the content of movies, to share it with friends, change its mood,cut the length oft he movies and more.

Apple has changed its iMessage system of iOS 10. Apple introduced consumer friendly features like quick reply option and a lot more.


Apple has appeared with the redesign of customers. You just need to slide up from the button of the device screen and you will get instant suggestion of everything from nearby locality. Newly improved Turn-by-turn
navigation UI can be zoomed in and out. Customers has been given the facility to create extensions.

Voice Assistant

The latest feature of this software is Siri’s API which makes possible the integrity of voice assistant’s functionality into third party apps. It will be helpful to send text message via Slack, Skype and Vonage voice calls etc.

Apple Watch

Apple’s watch has new operating system that opens much faster and users can write message with finger on the face of the watch. Kevin Lynch, Apple’s vice president of technology, introduced the new writing feature, called “Scribble”. its sales figures has not yet been disclosed.


Apple’s Music App has been reformed with new design that includes “Downloaded Section” which also have the felicity to make you view song lyrics. It also appears with a new sub-section named “For You” that shows daily updates and you can be all time updated by the updates of the artists you follow by the “Connect section”.

News App
This app is able to read news from a variety of publishers and it also can serve breaking news updates.It appears with cleaner design with dedicated sections like trending topics, topics chosen by the app and to stories also.
Home kit Framework

New app called “Home” has been included in this software. It includes personalized experiences can be controlled right from the app. It can be controlled from the Apple Watch as well. Brightness can be dimmed, Siri voice commands can be issued also.

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