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Apple shows its latest iPhone 7 on Wednesday. The main attraction of the model is that the model will be available without headphone jack. Now the question is that, can it improve the listening experience of music and music?

The headphone jack is drawing most attention partly as there might not be any major changes in this year without it. The new models the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, if Apple stays in the usual version but get more. You can experience faster processor, more money and improved cameras. Though it might not seem dramatic that the company has removed the 3.5mm analog jack would be controversial topic. But on the other hand the Apple model iPhone 7 will look thinner and slimmer and possibly waterproof. Apple iPhone 7 may also free some space for some other components.


To many people, listening music and watching videos are e a kind of their hobby. Brian Blau, a tech analyst at Gartner, said, “People enjoy listening to music on their smartphones today as much as they listen to music at home”. Today’s wireless Bluetooth mobiles can be clunky and sometimes loses their phone connections. But no headphone jack means that existing handsets would not work with the model without an adapter. Another problem may appear that how you will plug in your headphones if you are already charging your phone. Finally, in iPhone 7 Apple is using design for the charging port, known as “Lightning”. Lightning headphones of iPhone 7 are surely a new way of experience. It is a fine way. Since the connection will be robust the sound quality may actually improve, like Apple iOS 10.

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Apple has a history of doing experiment with older technology. Co-founder Steve Jobs decided the first iMacs and Windows PCs followed it. Later, he made huge fame by selling MacBooks without a CD drive.

“The market is changing,” said Jim Thiede, head of global product marketing at Motorola, who expects to see a number of manufacturers producing “USB-C headphones, earbuds and what have you” over the next three to six months.

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It is, however, important to say that Apple is not the first to break the tradition of headphone jack in iPhone 7. Already in this year, Lenovo’s Motorola division and LeEco, Chinese smartphone maker, has launched mobiles without audio jack. Some argue that the digital connections provide higher sound quality.


Many people are of the opinion that Apple is planning to move people away from cords and plugs totally. Apple has already noted that in the latest MacBook the company has encouraged the owners to use wireless features like Apple’s AirDrop and AirPlay to share video and music. According to Jan Dawson, a tech analyst with Jackdaw Research, They don’t like the mess, anybody who’s carried a set of earbuds in their pocket have had them get tangled up. And they get in the way when you’re exercising”.

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Widespread adoption of wireless headsets might also encourage people to try streaming music using the Apple Watch, said Carolina Milanesi, a mobile tech analyst at the research firm Creative Strategies. That would be a first step toward getting them interested in future smartwatch apps and services, she suggested.”It might be good if you had a Bluetooth headset that connects to your phone and your watch at the same time,” she said. “What we see today is not necessarily the ultimate goal that Apple has for its devices.”

Apple is focusing now mostly on India’s market and also second largest smartphone makers in the world.India iPhones sale jumped suddenly in 51% in the first nine months of the first business year of Apple. Along with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Apple will also launch three Apple watches. All of them will be available in rose gold, gold, silver, black and blue. “The iPhone 7 Plus will come with dual cameras and there are no external design changes for both the phones as they will look like the 6S,” said the source. They also added, “We didn’t get any updates on the MacBooks and it is expected to be launched separately”.

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But the market of the smartphones is still crucial. Samsung still beat Apple by releasing Galaxy Note 7 last month. Critics will always be there. But the device was received well and critics also criticized in good features. We all know that good experiment is good. Samsung is experimenting with flip cover which will prove good enough.


If you are using the Android phone, you will need to have VLC media player on your device and coy the URL link on to the streaming tab of the network to watch Apple iPhone 7 unveiling event.

Now, what will you have to wait for the launch of the model. Hopefully it will happen today. Do not mess with anything serious. Stay with us for the update about the official announcement of Apple iPhone 7. Stay connected and be updated.

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