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The next generation Android System has revealed its journey and make a new development on its process. It is known to all that the Android Nougat 7.0 has already been out of the market and distributed to all over the world. The next version of Google OS has started its major release of eighth edition. Google has consequently releases the versions on the alphabetically order to the OS.This consequent process has started from the Kitkat (k) 4.4 then to Lolipop (L) 5.0 and Marshmallow (M) 6.0, Nougat (N) 7.0 and the next one is Oreo (O) 8.0 may be renamed as Android 8.The company has renamed itself Alphabet with the Google only. Read Also : Apple iPhone 7 Primary Review

It is not confirmed that the Google is officially going to launch Oreo 8.0 but it is expected that the next alphabetic order will be ‘O’ as the leaked news came. The next Android device is going to have much more features with the previous one on the series of OS.

Android 8 Release date:
The name of Android 8 has yet not confirmed but it is expected that Android 8 system feature is very easy to summarise. The next Google Android OS by the preview system which is Google I/O.The Google I/O is going to take place from May 17-19 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Google is going to reveal a developer preview of the OS on that day by which look of the OS can be assumed on the summit. As to get it public ally , Google will release it between August to September,but it is not confirmed. After the release of developer version on May Google might work for the more feature and make some changes. The first thing to release, that the previous one is revealed on the September of this previous year. Apple will also release iOS 11 on that time.Thus, to release and to compete with the iOS 11,Google must change some feature and if Google need to compete they must advance the technology. Read Also : Top 10 Android 4G Phones Under Rs 5000

Android 8 features have plenty of things to change. But, if anybody wants to know the confirmed features of Android 8, it has no idea or no leaks about the features to be made on the new OS versions. However, there are many things that people expect from the Android 8 is A Play Store for Android Wear,a theme engine, better hardware management to the support software, move to one app to another, multi tasking in a smother way and lastly a smooth support between Android Phones and PCs. Read Also : Best HTC Phones Under Rs.10,000 In 2016


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