On Thursday Airtel has brought its such news that can make its customers happy and smiling, the news also being named as “Happy Hours”, for its prepaid customers which is offering 50% data back for all in-app content downloads that will be done between 3am and 5am.

This fecility will only be available for its prepaid customers and an opt-in will not be needed.Users will be benefited on downloading content like photos, videos, and music albums more as they will get back the half of the data used on the scheduled time. For example, if you download music album of 300MB within the given time you will be given 150MB back. This data will be credited to the cstomer after 6AM everyday. “Any App developer can integrate with Airtel Happy Hours in four simple steps and give their users the option to automatically schedule downloads between 3.00am and 5.00am so their users get 50 percent data back on downloads,” the company said in an email.

We all are very much aware of one of the leading companies in the world of technology, Airtel is now a global company that has spread its services not only in India but also in abroad as well. Now the company has improved itself so much that around 20 countries is operated including South Asia, Africa etc.And interestingly, Airtel has recently launched its 4G services that will surely give you high speed experience of everything. So, as we all can guess this offer of the company is going to be of grand success.

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Airtel has informed that YouTube and Fast Filmz have already integrated this option. To access this feature you will have to follow some simple steps. First, you will have to go inside the app and choose the “Smart Offline” option and select ‘Save overnight with Airtel Happy Hours’. By discovering this facility the company has presumed that it will have a positive impact as people will have nice network experience and the scheduled time will also be helpful in shifting non-urgent data users to non-peak hours and avoid too much congestion.

As the review says and the company is expecting, its thousand happy and satisfied customers will be happiest by this offer and they can feel best when they will avail the services.



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